We work with some of the best insurance brokers in the U.K who approach the market on an annual basis to ensure our clients receive the most competitive premiums available.

We approach the market in such a unique way that we are able to offer some of the most competitive premiums in the country. In addition, we can arrange Engineering Insurance cover for lifts and mechanical equipment, as well as Property Owners’ Liability Insurance for grounds-only sites. We have several years’ experience of working in the industry and have implemented effective processes to allow us to offer some of the most competitive premiums with the best cover available in addition to lowering any potential excesses to a reasonable amount. As we have a growing portfolio, this allows us to ensure our clients are prioritised by our providers on acceptance of any claims, for works to be instructed, in addition to any pay-outs and general enquiries.

We work with some of the country’s leading brokers and insurance specialists, which allows us to understand the complex requirements of our clients.

 We pride ourselves on meeting our target time frames and we employ a hassle-free system, absorbing the pressure associated with block insurance claims.

We offer guidance, surveys, audits and valuations to all of our clients to achieve the most cost effective premiums available. We strongly believe in transparency in all aspects of our business, but most of all in Insurance. Therefore, we declare that we earn commission from the insurance broker, like all manging agents in some form or another, by organising and implementing premiums annually and our commission rate varies from 17.5-22.5% of the total premium which, at time of writing, is lower than most, if not all, of our competitors.

We earn this commission by approaching the broker on behalf of our client and we deal with all aspects of the premium, including claims, pay-outs, training and guidance for owners. We also identify maintenance and arrange surveys that could reduce the premium, inspect and oversee all repairs and works carried out, ensure any claim being made is valid and fair to all the clients and ensure that the premium excess, coverage and declared values are all accurate and in favour of our clients.

For further information, please get in touch with our friendly team who will gladly assist you with any enquiry.